Week 9 Assignment

For the online happiness day, of course I spent it mostly on Facebook, checking my Tweets, and watching YouTube videos (while checking the views on my squirrel video, of course!). I always have fun doing this online stuff, especially when it means I get to procrastinate, and when it gets me in a state of flow. For my offline happiness day, I used the “graduating soon” reason to meet up with friends that I’ve lost contact with since 1st and 2nd years. With the busy lifestyle that graduating seniors experience, it was great to just meet up with friends and remember old times and talk about the future after graduation.

For me personally, it was hard to determine which of the two (online or offline) brought me more happiness. On the one hand, meeting up with old friends is the only way you can really get that truly sentimental feeling of hanging out. On the other hand, networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter present fun ways to connect with friends, even friends that you wouldn’t be able to meet in person due to distance. In relation to the reading, if you aren’t on SNS sites, then you don’t exist to your friends. However, I’d have to say that the most happiness was the offline experiences. For me, the online fun is fun you have in between the incredibly fun offline times. If you’re always online, you can find yourself part of the “generation of lonely,” where all you do is have online interactions and very limited offline interations, if any. It sometimes gets to the point where online life consumes so much time that it ruins many social relationships.

In conclusion, while I have a blast doing stuff online, life is much more fulfilling with offline interactions. Or even better, how about combining the two worlds, such as meeting up with friends to watch YouTube videos, or even create them together!


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