Week 8 Assignment

I thought this online dating assignment was super interesting. Just like the reading states, there’s this certain stigma with meeting someone and falling in love online. Many people feel that relationships can only be legitimate if they happen naturally and in person. It could be because of those horror stories of people meeting someone in person that they initially met online, and being fooled about what the other person looked like or how their personality was, or in the worst case scenario, real-life meetings that result in violence or death. However, there are those success stories you hear about with people that first met online, and it gives a glimmer of hope in this somewhat recent social phenomenon. I would normally never sign up for an online dating site, so it was nice to have this experiment to see what an online dating site actually looks like.

Since the experiment was just to browse the profiles for 15 minutes, I had a bit of fun looking at the profiles of different people. There were so many, and the thing that I looked at first was the pictures and the physical appearance of the person. Based on the picture, I looked at attractiveness, and if I could picture myself dating that person. If that checkpoint passed, then I looked at the actual profile, and read up on the personal info. Some people had some basic information, but others had full on paragraphs of what they wanted to portray themselves as. Whether this was truthful or not is questionable, but I figure that most people wouldn’t put so much effort into their profile if they weren’t serious about meeting someone. It was cool to see how match.com shows users who would be the best match, and it was interesting to see who match.com thought I would be good with. Whether I would actually date someone off the site is up to a lot of things, but considering I’m still pretty young, I would not right now. I think where it would be okay is if I’m not as social as I am in college and meeting new people is very difficult. As of right now, I wouldn’t participate in online dating, but I don’t think it should have as much of a stigma as it has now.


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