Week 7 Assignment

The person that I Facebook stalked is Kristine Isidro. She was born on February 8 and is 20 years old. She is currently single and looking for friendship and networking. Her hometown is Delano, CA, and she is Catholic. Her favorite music consists of artists such as Kina Grannis, Joseph Vincent, and AJ Raphael, and she likes to watch the TV show Glee. Her email address is kristine.isidro@gmail.com, and she has two AIM screennames. She is involved with a couple of campus organizations and groups, including Samahang Pilipino and Students First. She likes baking, post-its, coffee, food, music, dippin dots, new car smell, and awkward snails. She has 630 Facebook friends, and we have 30 friends in common.

This experiment is all about privacy, especially in relation to online privacy with social networking sites like Facebook. I thought it was interesting how I could find so much information about Kristine, without having to say a word to her. Related to the article, I think it’s interesting that there seems to be a disconnect with people putting personal information on their profile, but being shocked and feeling violated when someone talks about their info on their profile to them in person. It’s weird that people get so surprised that something that they put out for everyone to see is being talked about like it weren’t meant to be shared. I’ve had direct experience with this as an Orientation Counselor and warning incoming students to be careful with what they put online, especially inappropriate pictures and confidential information. It’s hard to not slip through and post something on your profile that you didn’t mean for someone to see. I feel like in today’s society, the only way to have true online privacy is to not participate in these social networks at all.


One Response to “Week 7 Assignment”

  1. Eric Kim Says:

    Hey Aldrin,

    Interesting how you have 30 friends in common but still aren’t friends with one another. You should just add her! I’m sure she will accept your response.

    And good job warning people as a Orientation Counselor. The internet can be a scary place sometimes.


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