Week 6 Assignment

I thought this assignment was cool because it’s something I’ve always noticed every time I post up a status that asks questions. It’s always interesting to see what people write, and it’s interesting to see exactly who replies. As the reading says, Facebook allows us to “talk” to way more people at the same time through the web through things like the status update, and it allows us to maintain relationships with people that we might not see every day. So, every time I posted a question, it was funny to see people who responded it just to mess with me. For example, I asked people which Pokemon they would rather get stuck in an elevator with, and they had to choose between Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. It was funny to see people write humorous things, such as naming wrong Pokemon such as Onyx and Pikachu, as well as people actually explaining why they chose the Pokemon they chose. It was also nice when I asked for help and people responded to help me out. I had a midterm this week and asked a question about it. One of my really close friends that I haven’t really seen since my second year at college responded, and ended up giving me a nice answer that helped me on my midterm. It’s great to see how something like Facebook can bring so many benefits to our lives, such as getting help and maintaining relationships with people we have lost touch with. Facebook really makes it easier for people to build up social capital.


One Response to “Week 6 Assignment”

  1. Eric Kim Says:

    Great to hear that people helped you on your midterm! As with the pokemon, I would choose squirtle for sure. Squirtle SQUIRT!


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