Week 5 Assignment

This experiment was quite interesting. I had to do something like this before in a communications class I took a couple of years ago. It made me realize just how dependent society has become on technology. I chose to do this on Sunday, because I knew that 5th week would be busy with midterms, and that the Internet would be my lifeline. Other than email, I use the Internet a lot during midterms season, since many readings are online, as well as Wikipedia, which I use when I don’t understand a concept from class. For this reason, I made sure I printed out any online readings before the experiment, and warned my classmates that if they needed to contact me, they’d have to wait. It was very hard to stay away, but I reminded myself it was only for a day. Related to the reading, it’s interesting to think how the Internet and technology in general has such an impact on our lives and can even structure our daily habits from day to day. It makes me think how our lives would be if we didn’t have technology, and how strange and different that would be.


One Response to “Week 5 Assignment”

  1. Eric Kim Says:


    It is hard to be an internet celebrity and stay away from the internet 😉


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