Week 4 Assignment

This experiment was really interesting, because it made me think that I open up a lot more quickly to people that I don’t know online than people I don’t know in person. I’ve participated in forums before, and while I didn’t post anything after my initial post, I know that if I had, I would have been really friendly, especially since the people that responded were helping me out by answering my question. Comparing this to real life, if somebody I didn’t know had asked me to help them out or answer a question for them, I would be polite and help them out, but the next thing that I would do would be to get away from them, rather than try to have a friendly conversation with them.

I guess this has something to do with the whole idea of making friends online, as illustrated in the reading. The reading states “You actually get to know someone inside, without being judged on appearance and everything else wrong with the world today.” In other words, you can talk to someone more openly because you don’t have the insecurities of them judging you on your appearance as if they were talking to you in person. This makes it easier to meet different kinds of people, and possibly becoming “friends” with certain people, through “friend-finding expeditions.” The internet takes the process of meeting and making friends to a completely different level.


2 Responses to “Week 4 Assignment”

  1. Eric Kim Says:

    Hey Aldrin,

    Great quote that you posted on getting to know someone on the inside before judging them on the outer appearance. I also thought your post on the iPad was quite interesting.

    Thinking about getting one?


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