Week 2 Journal

I personally have rules when it comes to updating my Facebook status and Twitter, so it was interesting to do this experiment. My rules are that I must try as much as possible not to post too much during a day, and not to post too frequently. I’ve noticed that when I do this, my friends tend to get annoyed or make fun of me for posting so many times. So when I had to post every two hours, I felt very awkward, because I could feel my friends judging me, thinking I must be really bored or something along those lines. It was also very difficult to post every two hours, since I had class and meetings throughout the day. Sometimes it was just hard to remember.

If there was any good that came out of this experiment, it’s that it allowed my friends to see my posts and respond to whatever I wrote. Most of the time it was just simple comments on the direct post on my Facebook profile. This is similar to the reading, which talks about the introduction of the newsfeed. The newsfeed brings my status updates directly to the home page of all my friends, which allows all of them to choose to respond or not. If this didn’t happen, my friends would actively have to visit my page just to see my status. By placing it automatically on the newsfeed, my friends don’t have to do much work to connect with me. I don’t see it as an invasion of privacy either, since I would never put anything too personal out there anyway. Some friends even approach me afterwards in person when they see my status updates, and ask about what I meant when I put that status up. I’ve learned through this experiment that although you’re putting yourself out there on the web by posting up status updates, it does help to facilitate conversations with people, whether on the web or in person.


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